AP430 System Overview

• AP430 Hub
• Blades types Sensenich, Kievprop, Aerolux
• Range of Spacers
• Range of Spinners
• AC200 Control system

Power Capacity Geared Engine 120hp (89.5kW)
Maximum Speed 2800rpm
Weight 25.3lbs (11.5kg) including spinner but dependent on blades selection
Mounting Flange RP502 (Rotax 4in [101.6mm] PCD with 13mm bush) 5/16” UNF bolts
Engine Type Rotax 912, 912S, 914 or similar
Available Blade Types Sensenich, Kievprop, Aerolux
Available Configurations Clockwise, Anti Clockwise / Tractor, Pusher

*Can depend on blade choice

Extensions Rotax 0.5in to 4in (12mm to 100mm)

Std and 2in (50mm)



8.3in (210mm), 9.0in (228mm)

10.3in (261mm), 11.2in (284mm)

12.2in (310mm)


AC200F, AC200, Manual only

Slipring Rotax Standard, Rotax mini

Loom Length

Loom Extension 20in to 216in [19in inc]

(0.5m to 5.5m [0.5m inc])
Brushblock 20in (0.5m)

AP430 Hub
• Three blade
• Fully machined, one piece hub
• Precision pitch change mechanism
• Simple setup
• Electric actuation
• Removable blade assembly cartridge
• Full feathering options

Blade Option1
Superior blade technology from Sensenich Propeller Co (USA)

• Solid stainless steel inlaid leading edge provides excellent protection against airbourne water damage
• Aerodynamically advanced ‘hollow composite’ design for high performance and low weight
• Superb finish quality in high gloss white with red tip and black back

Blade Option 2
Kievprop (Ukraine)

• Solid brass inlaid leading edge provides protection against airbourne water damage
• Swept profile, “hollow composite’ design for high performance and low weight
• Finished in high gloss black

Spacers and Extensions
• Rotax 4in bolt pattern R
• Sizes 0.5in to 4in
• Machined from billet 6061 T651 Aluminium
• SS Drive lugs
• AN mounting hardware

• Quality spun aluminium cone and backplate.
• Sizes 8.3,9, 10.3, 11.2, 12.2in
• Finished in Polished, Matte or White
• Fully adjustable front support
• AN Hardware used throughout

AC200 Control System
• Simple selection of engine speeds
• Hold speed adjustable in flight
• Modern ‘solid state’ governor
• Full manual overide
• Clear indicators
• Fully automatic ‘Feather available

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